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Projects - National & International

Here are some of the programmes underway in Australia and overseas:


Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre                   Victoria 

An inspirational Horticultural Therapy program designed and created by Steven Wells, (ABC Gardener of the Year 2013), to aid patient's in their recovery from strokes, spinal or brain injury.



Gardening leave                         United Kingdom

This is a programme run exclusively for ex-service men and women in order to help them deal with some of the challenges they encounter returning to civilian life. A number of outdoor and garden based activities are used to help re-establish routine in participants’ lives.


Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital                     United States

At this hospital, Horticultural Therapy is utilised as a means to aid in the rehabilitation of patients who are recovering from physical injury or illness. The programme may be used to promote improvement in a number of different areas, such as balance, mobility, muscle strength, memory and social skills.


Chicago Botanic Garden                          USA

The Chicago Botanic Garden provides horticultural therapy services within the botanic garden and community. They provide Horticultural Therapy Certificate Training and Consultation services. 


Ironwood                            United States

Ironwood is an interesting example of how horticultural therapy may be used as part of a larger programme. The programme uses a number of different outdoor activities designed to help troubled teenagers.


Magee Rehabilitation                         United States

This organisation has several decades experience using Horticultural Therapy in the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered physical injuries or illness. It is used as part of a programme to rehabilitate patients who have suffered strokes or brain injuries as well as those recovering from spinal cord injuries who may require therapy to regain fine motor skills, as well as associated mental health issues.


Martineau Gardens                         United Kingdom

This is a community garden in Birmingham. The programme includes participants with very different experiences and needs, from those recovering from mental health issues, to older people, and individuals with learning difficulties.

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