Cultivate - the Horticultural Therapy Society of NSW

Who We Are

Management Committee

Cultivate is a registered charity governed by a management committee, all of whom serve in a voluntary capacity.

Our current management committee is:

President - Toni Salter, Registered Horticulturist, Trainer and Recreation Activity Officer, Member of DTA, Member of AIH

Vice President - Jeanette Penklis, Educator, Horticulturist & Permaculturist

Treasurer - Jeanette Penklis, Educator, Horticulturist & Permaculturist

Secretary - position vacant (current duties being met by our Office Manager, Kait Gotham)

Committee Members -
Barry Quine, Educator, Horticulturist and Landscaper,
Chris Poulton, Horticulturist and Landscaper
Jo Graham - Human Resource Recruitment, Horticulture student



Cultivate - the Horticultural Therapy Society of NSW
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