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Date: 1/30/2020
Subject: Cultivate Almost Weekly Times
From: Cultivate NSW

Dear Members and Friends,
Welcome to 2020 which is already beetling along at quite a pace with February 1st nearly upon us.

We can’t start the year without acknowledging the horrific few months of bush fires that have raged across many parts of Australia and the enormous losses that have resulted.

The awful, heart-breaking loss of life, the incalculable loss of habitat, flora and fauna and the devastation many people have suffered as their homes and communities have been totally destroyed by the most ferocious fires ever experienced, are deeply etched into our collective psyche. As well as the fires, there have been massive dust and mud storms, golf ball sized hailstones thundering from the skies, floods and the smoke, days of it.

And of course the drought continues. A very dry continent naturally, drought has ravaged the country creating soils so dry that they blow away leaving no topsoil for food and agricultural production when the rains finally come. The hottest temperatures on record combined with ferocious winds are bad enough but when combined with parched soils, we have very very dangerous conditions, as we have all witnessed or for some, experienced first hand.

Amongst all the devastation and tragedy however, there have been wonderful stories of resilience, of heroes and heroic deeds and we have seen the resurgence of community and a willingness by most people to do something to help ease the plight of injured wildlife, raise money in various ways and to do something, anything that will help those who have lost everything.

It has been a summer that none of us will ever forget and it’s not over yet.

What can we do?

Cultivate’s reason for being is the advancement and application of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture to aid in, and support the restoration of individuals, communities and habitat in the aftermath of life-changing events, big, medium or small, that occur as a result of very diverse reasons and circumstances. The current circumstances dictate that we, ie Cultivate, respond appropriately and effectively to help restore our ravaged communities.

The committee has been thinking through ways in which we can harness the skills and interests of our members and supporters to support the huge regeneration process required as a result of the droughts and fires that have their genesis in rapidly changing climatic conditions.

We have several project ideas which are coming together and we will have further details of the projects and how you can be involved in the next few weeks. We are working with several partners to design and deliver some on ground, practical and long term projects aimed at restoring people, community and habitat. Please stay tuned over the coming weeks for more information on ways in which you can contribute.

In the meantime we are also putting together a register of members and supporters who are able to provide assistance to help in the long process of restoration. If you would like to register to help in some way, please fill-in this form and we will add you to the register.

If members, supporters or friends of members and supporters have been affected by fires and require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on and we will endeavour to provide support and assistance from our register or other sources.

Introduction to Therapeutic Horticulture Workshops 2020

They are back! Following on from the very successful program conducted during the latter half of 2019, the 2020 program gets underway on Friday February 28th at Camperdown Commons.

The facilitators will be Sharon Moore-Lambert and Jacquie Dredge both of whom are very experienced Horticulture Therapists as well as being very engaging and lots of fun! 
Bookings are now open. More information can be found on the event page here or by clicking the button below.

We are also finalising a date and venue for a North Shore/Northern Beaches workshop to be facilitated by Leigh McGaughey.

In addition we are looking at conducting at least two further regional workshops before the end of June.

News from the Cultivate Hunter Region Hub

It’s official – our first regional hub is up and running!

We are establishing regional hubs to support the growth of TH in regional areas.

Our first hub is in the Hunter region and is facilitated by Carol and Doug Twentyman and Pete Wann. They are planning a get together of participants from the first Intro course and other interested members/supporters in the area, later in February.

Details in the next edition of the AWT.

They are also planning another Intro course, details of which will be posted as soon as they are available.


Miniature Therapy Ponies looking for a new home

Two gorgeous and sweet miniature ponies - Winston and Mr Jones - need a new home. This could be temporary or permanent, by negotiation. If you think that these beautiful ponies would be a good addition to your project, and you have the means to care for them, please contact Veronica Stevenson on 0488 014 680 for a chat! 

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