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Becoming a Practitioner

There are a variety of pathways to become a practitioner in Therapeutic Horticulture with many people adding to their current skills.

A number of training courses in Horticultural Therapy are offered in Australia to complete your skill sets in both horticulture and health sciences.

Introductory Courses

These are information rich courses giving the participant a taste of how gardening activities and natural settings can enhance wellbeing and encourage wellness. They are often short courses that lead onto more formal studies. These have been delivered through Kevin Heinze GROW (Victoria), Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria, South Australian Horticultural Therapy Association and Cultivate NSW.


Accredited Courses

some short vocational courses and skill sets have recently been developed and are offered through training providers like TAFE NSW and other private sector trainers. 


Professional Development

Specific skills development exists for various groups and associations of professionals in Australia. These are usually offered through professional bodies for occupational therapists, diversional therapists, recreation therapists, horticulturists and landscape designer and architects. Members gain points towards their professional memberships.


Training could be offered in any format such as

  • seminars of 2 to 4 hours
  • workshops of  1 to 3 days
  • online courses 
  • formal TAFE or university certificates

Online Courses

While many courses in Horticultural Therapy are offered online, most of these are not Australian accredited courses. Check carefully to see if your course is being delivered by a Registered Training Office and where the qualification is being recognised.  


Some overseas training providers include Thrive (UK), Trellis (Scotland), Horticultural Therapy Institute (USA), American Horticultural Therapy Association.


Practitioners choose to stay connected and adhere to industry standards by becoming a member of Cultivate NSW. Learn how you can become a member here.

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