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Starting a Program


How to start your therapeutic gardening program

It can be quite overwhelming knowing where to start a program and who to get involved.

We recommend starting small if you aren't so confident. Simply potting up a few seedlings around a table can be a great way to bring people together and you can increase activities and the area as more people get involved.

Look at our fact sheets to get some ideas on designing your garden, building raised beds, choosing plants for a sensory garden and using adaptive tools. Other ideas are also available to help you get started. 


Call on the services of others.

If you are planning a larger program or site, you may need to engage a professional landscape designer or architect to help with the design of your garden. Once the garden is in place, then you can find someone to help you run a therapeutic gardening program. They can assist with delivery and/or developing programs and activities to specifically suit your clients.

See our list of Corporate Sonsors for help with garden design or engaging a practitioner.

** A list of Cultivate NSW member practitioners will be available to download here soon.


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