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4 Jul 2017

The Good Life, Living Well with Dementia

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A series of three seminars with speakers providing up to date information on how to live well with Dementia was held during May and June 2017.

The seminars were funded for the Hunter region and were held in Warner’s Bay, Maitland and Wyong. Each was well represented with the total number of attendees being 370 people.


The seminars were primarily aimed at people living with dementia and their carers and to provide them with positive strategies and an opportunity to hear some of the latest research.  Service Providers were also invited but it was more for them to understand what people with dementia and their carers need, want and can benefit from. Practical advice was given for the attendees, including those working in the space.


Speakers and topics included: 

  • Dr Julie Bajic-Smith – Mindfulness
  • David Colman – Music and memory
  • Dr Theresa Scott – Horticultural therapy
  • Professor Shorn Naismith – the benefits of sleep
  • Dr Shantal Duffy – exercise

Some very consistent comments from attendees from all three seminars were encouraging with many suggesting that they would spend more time gardening, exercising, visiting gardens and listening to more music to enhance awareness and connection with people around them.


We hope to see more of these seminars funded and rolled out in other areas.


The Port Macquarie Dementia Friendly Sensory Garden


The new Sensory Garden was commenced in March and will be opening in August 2017. Photos include Day 1 of construction, early days progress and the garden taking shape at the end of June 2017. Click on the photos at the side of the page to see larger images.


Alzheimers NSW is working with Dr Theresa Scott and the Royal Botanic Gardens Community Greening Group and they are also looking for other groups to maintain the garden and provide many different types of activities. Stay tuned for progress on this and other gardens planned for the future.


The Landscape Architect is Conrad Grayson from Sym Studio in Warriewood and the Landscape Contractor is Ben Riches from BNJ Landscaping in Port Macquarie.

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